Friday, June 10, 2011

Episode 2! Folge 2!

Deutsch? English? Will this Gummikopf be able to keep it zweisprachig?
After the very short but poignant text to page 1, intelligible to anyone due to the omnipresence of the English language, I needed to bestow a little more care on the English translation of page 2. And since nearly wordless pages will be the exception, I can expect future episodes to involve the same amount of work as this one.

Actually, it's fun. But then again, I have always loved the English language, often finding it much more precise and economic than my own Teutonic mother tongue. It's a good thing that people tend to understand me too, or at least are polite enough not to say otherwise.
I have no idea how German readers respond to the fact that I write most of my blog postings and Facebook and Twitter stuff in English these days, but I just hope they don't mind. It's so much more accessible for an international audience. And the sad fact is that German comic artists need an international following to get noticed. 

For those not in the know: Germany is not a comic friendly nation, except when it comes to Knollennasenmännchen, Beethoven biographies, adaptions of existentialist war dramas or elaborations on how the Currywurst got invented (knowledge I never felt the need to acquire, despite living in Bochum, the Currywurst capital of the world). Egal!
I'd love to present as much in German as possible, but fact is, I just don't have the time to write everything in both languages, so I mostly use English by default.

German readers can take comfort in the fact that the German version of the comic is definitely the original, and that Feenstrasse in essence is as German as it gets (considering Germany is soaked in US pop culture anyway). I have kept the German title Feenstrasse in the translation - not calling it Fairy Street, which sounds bad anyway - and will definitely use Herr and Frau as titles, not Mr. and Mrs. Artists from other countries have always been more self-confident with their native distinctiveness and identity. And I think it makes stories all the more interesting.
After all, would anyone want to watch a movie named Red Mill? Well, maybe, but Moulin Rouge sounds much more exciting, if you ask me.

Habt einen schönen Tag!

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