Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shayazur: Seven years later

I thought I'd share the first page of the first of two new Shayazur short stories with you. The original idea, proposed by my COMIX editor Martin Jurgeit, was to produce two epilogues, summarizing the never produced albums 3 and 4 to give readers a satisfying ending. And,as a matter of fact, they will (and purging all of my bad karma in the process I hope!). 
However, just doing a summarization would have been pretty lame, so I had to figure out a way to tell the rest of the story and keep a certain dramaturgy - plus, pay due respect to the fact that over seven years have gone by since I last worked on Shayazur. 
There's no way back. There's no way to do it in a homogenous way as if I just went on from album 2 all these years ago, nor is it possible to tell the story as I originally intended. So... seven years have passed for me and I decided that the same amount of time has passed for Cren, the main character. He has always been a symbolic representation of my own life, so it's only logical that he has gone through changes. I think it shows already in this page, mohawk, scars and all. 
I like to see these episodes as stand-alone stories wrapping up the saga rather than just being epilogues. I'll keep you posted.