Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Samhain/Halloween!

Seing death, decay and ghosts as a natural part of life, I have never been a great fan of the superficially morbid Tim-Burtonesque Halloween, that has become popular in Europe in the last few years due to American influence.
And what's so American about it? I remember stories from my mother that we used to carve sugar-beets in Germany instead of pumpkins, but this custom had apparently died before my time... unfortunately.
Since my late teens though, I have come to love this festival as Samhain, the old Celtic (and possibly Germanic, although there is no Germanic word handed down for it) festival of honoring the ancestors and talking to the spirits of the wild, dark places in nature. 
There's nothing morbid to it, rather, it's a time of celebration and reunion with the beloved departed. Now Mother Nature, ironically, produces the most beautiful colors before she sheds her gown of yellow, red and orange once and for all (at least in this year) to expose her bare skin. There is beauty in death... nothing to be afraid of. 

So, whether you celebrate Samhain, or All Souls Night, or Halloween... let's party, folks!


  1. Stimmt ja, als Kinder haben wir Rüben von den Feldern geklaut, sie ausgehöhlt, Fratzen reingeschnitzt und ne Kerze reingetan - von "Halloween" wußten wir aber nichts, ich glaube das war hier seinerzeit auch noch völlig unbekannt. Seltsam...

  2. Halloween = All Hallows Eve = Allerheiligen. Same thing, new package.