Saturday, March 17, 2012

He works hard for the money...

... and unfortunately cannot share most of the new stuff at this moment, since it's stuff for companies.

Unbelievable. It's been almost two months since my last blog post; two months in which I have done bread-and-butter jobs mostly. It's been getting quite unsatisfying the last couple of weeks, having to change details in artwork most of the time because some corporate guy demands it (which doesn't necessarily make the art better!). Sometimes it feels like they are saying: "Yeah, it's EXACTLY YOU we want. Now, can you draw a bit less like you and more like artist XY..." Strange.

So I am currently focussing on the intention to earn more of my income with the thing I love - comics. I am also focussing on actually making that easy. You know, it all comes down to the law of attraction. ;)

The commercial stuff is done for the moment and I can spend more time on drawing MY stuff - which mostly means reinventing my drawing style that's been in constant flux over the last year. From cartoony to more realistic, and - as of these new character concepts - settling somewhere in the middle between the two, which feels really comfortable and, yes, EASY.

More to come soon, folks!

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