Saturday, March 24, 2012

Short evolution of a comic cover

Step 1: Pencils
Sorry, no picture for this stage... (wonder where I put it. My studio desperately needs a spring cleaning...)

Step 2: Inking
The inks on this one are purely digital. I actually inked the different elements in separate layers, so the subsequent coloring of the lines would be easier, plus, I could easily rearrange individual figures etc.

Step 3: Coloring
After the initial natural coloring I decided to go with the simpler but bolder blue-orange complementary contrast. The coloring itself is quite flat, giving it a slight retro look, but I colored some linework of the figures, ship and moons to add more depth to it. 

Step 4: Logo
Speaking of bold... this logo goes where no logo went before I think. ;) The look and shape of the logo was actually part of the whole composition before I started drawing. I also created another - even more retro - logo version later on that I will probably share in a future post.

Okay, that's it. Ready for takeoff, Unearthers!

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